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i keep seeing people saying they want to harm themselves in some way. And even if i dont know you i care for you and no person should ever downgrade themselves. This page is going to be full of people who will be willing to talk to anybody and help them get through any problem, anon or not we will always be there. 

I’ll create the page tonight if this gets enough reblogs, otherwise im always here for anybody to talk to


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New picture for “You & I” fragrance

attitude [2014.HOT 100]
No.9 - Zayn Malik

"It seems the chiselled beauty of Mr Malik has proven most pleasing on the eye. Still only 20, he boasts a handsome Hollywood idol face and lithe body to dire for. Zayn should be chuffed as he is the numero uno One Direction on the list! Although be might be miffed to find out he’s taken a step in the wrong direction, slipping four places since last year."